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Skaha Lake Marina Rules & Regulations

Marina Rules & Regulations

The staff of Skaha Lake Marina wishes you a great boating season! Here are some of the Rules and Regulations that govern your use of the Marina. They will be enforced for your safety and enjoyment. This is NOT a complete list. Please read your License Agreement for a complete list.

  1. We will not tolerate threatening or aggressive behavior toward the staff or other customers. We will call the park police to deal with anyone behaving in such manner. The park police will immediately expel him and/or her from the marina without refund. The person will be banned from the marina for a period of 3 months to 1 year.
  2. We will not tolerate drug/alcohol intoxication or disorderly conduct. Anyone who appears to be intoxicated, has engaged in disorderly conduct, and/or appears to be in a condition to potentially cause harm to himself or others will be asked to leave the marina. We may call the park police to deal with such person at our discretion.
  3. No scraping, sanding, priming, or painting your boat below the water line (i.e. bottom painting). We may expel you from the marina without refund; you will be liable for all clean up costs and fines imposed by the authorities – no exceptions.
  4. Quiet hours are from 11:00pm to 7:00am. Guests – whom customer is responsible for – who are found to be a nuisance or create a disturbance to other customers, marina staff, and/or management, may be asked to leave the marina immediately at our discretion.
  5. Gas cans are not allowed on the dock.
  6. Every car in the marina parking lot must have a parking pass visible at all times. If you have a guest coming to the marina, it is your responsibility to provide your guests with a parking pass. Temporary parking passes are available at the marina office.
  7. When you tie up your boat, please make sure your pulpit and anchor do not protrude into the walkway. Protrusion creates a tripping hazard and is dangerous to anyone walking the dock.
  8. To avoid your anchor and pulpit from protruding onto the dock, please make sure your spring line is the correct length. A line from mid ship to the stern cleat and tightened so the bow does not hit the dock. Ask the marina office if you need assistance.
  9. Observe all laws. The coast guard and department of environmental conservation are on patrol and will enforce the law on the water.
  10. You must stay at least 75 feet from the marine parkway bridge, even if drifting.
  11. To avoid fines from the authorities, your boat must have: three flares, a whistle/horn, a daytime distress flag, a life jacket for each person aboard, a fire extinguisher, and an anchor.
  12. Each child 12 years old or younger must be wearing a life jacket on deck.
  13. Per the fishing regulations. All fish caught must be legal of legal size or fines may be imposed by the authorities.
  14. Please remove all garbage from the docks and place it in the marina-provided garbage cans.
  15. Dogs are welcome at the marina provided that they are not a nuisance to other boaters. It is the dog owner’s responsibility to pick up after his and/or her dog. Customers who fail to do so will not be welcome back with their canine friends.
  16. The marina staff and operations manager will be happy to assist you with any concerns or issues.
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